Teaching and Courses

Current Courses

Courses for the master Technology and Operations Management:

For my course on queueing for the second year bachelor programme of Econometrics and Operations Research, see queueing book.

Past Courses

  • Probability Theory. The course was based on Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers by Montgomery and Runger
  • Service Operations. The course is based on Service Management by Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons. I implemented the shift scheduling problem of Chapter 11 as a linear programming problem, see Shift Scheduling.

Typical Thesis Topics

  • Planning jobs on parallel machine models at Hunter Douglas Leek
  • Control of queueing systems with setup times for Schiphol, supermarkets, nurse routing
  • Inventory reduction at BAT Niemeyer
  • Introducing CONWIP at Akzo Nobel Coatings
  • Multi-item inventory systems at Akzo Nobel Coatings
  • Job scheduling with setup costs and setup times at Loparex Apeldoorn
  • Improving Supplier reliability in supply chains
  • Planning of maintenance tasks at FrieslandCampina Bedum
  • Improving the planning process at The Coatinc Company